Born out of innovation...

and necessity practicality was created. CASUMS is a Texas-based company founded by a group of comrades looking for ways to simplify people’s lives. The company was inspired over the course of many years by the continuous creativity and need that was observed within its community. Their desire was to design products that would simplify individuals’ lives throughout the day and help them stay better organized.


The creative and craftsmanship gene was inherited from their family with generations of master-skilled bootmakers. They were raised in a loving and supportive household with dedicated, hard-working, caring parents and family that instilled, from a young age, to be creative, honorable, stylish, courageous, ambitious and independent. They taught them that they could achieve anything they put their mind to.

Purpose & Mission

At CASUMS, our purpose is to keep it simple and address the conveniences and needs you may have throughout the day. We set the standard of working with responsible manufacturers and suppliers in North America that continually strive for excellence and combine the best-handcrafted assembly to produce the beautiful product that you need. We truly enjoy making your life easier every day and offer you a lasting product, timeless design and enduring quality.

Our mission is to help keep people be organized with the stylish, reinvented, improved and functional cases made of sustainable materials and doing our share of improving our community and making a better place for us and future generations.

Creativity & Design

We joined forces with the top merchants in the US and Mexico to create a well-crafted sustainable accessory that we hope you will learn to love, our designs were inspired by helping people throughout the day with our reinvented and functional cases. We have centered our efforts on sourcing some of the best North American suppliers that follow the customs of generation artisan tradition and pay homage to classic styles with a reinvented design. One of our top focuses is on sustainability and ensuring that the core materials are safe for the consumer and are in line with our sustainability efforts. We have combined the best hand-craftsmanship from our Houston design office to our manufacturing in Mexico, every case goes through meticulous steps before it’s delivered to you. We believe our products should keep you better organized to simplify and enjoy your life throughout the day.

Company Culture


To all throughout our journey.

Kindness and Compassion

We share a smile, a light of kindness and leave a positive impact on others.  

Honesty and Integrity

To build the foundation for trust and value. 

Passion and Purpose

For the love to serve, create and deliver the best products to you.

We offer online sales, wholesale partnerships and corporate private label services. We invite you to find your style and shop now.