Your CASUMS' Accessories

The cases are designed to use individually, bundle them up or complement any of your favorite accessories.

Each of the single styles serves its purpose but we ask you to utilize the modular cases to their capacity by
adding your creativity, pizzazz, and fashion style to the way you wear them.


The Phone Lanyard Wallet is the new must-have accessory for everyone. The simplistic design allows you to adhere the wallet to the case of your choice.

The compact and lightweight design was made to help you carry your phone hands-free while you are on the move. There are multiple convenient ways to make it easy for you while helping you secure your phone. Try carrying it in these comfortable ways:  

- Crossbody

- Around your neck as a lanyard

- Over your shoulder

- Around your wrist, as a wristlet

- As a belt around your waist

Any of these forms will make it easy for you to detach the phone from the spring hook when needed.

The Adjustable Strap

The strap is thirty (30) inches long with a fastener that allows you to adjust the strap to your preferred length. Its versatile design can be modified the way you need to use it. 

Many people find it easy to carry their phone in their back or front pockets, but many times the phone will fall out and either fall on the ground or be left behind.

With the adjustable strap, the phone can still be placed in your pocket and be secured at the same time. This is a recommended method for you to feel more at ease while having your phone accessible.


You can also use your favorite strap, scarf or tie to accessorize and add a personalized statement.  This is a great way to use some of your favorite collection pieces for your own stylish look.


Phone Holder - The all-in-one ring holder and stand is just what everyone needs. No need to place your phone under your arm anymore, you can just use the ring. You hold the phone by placing your finger through and can now carry extra items, with no need to place your phone under your arm.                              

Key Holder - The ring is also an ideal place to hang a few keys and keep them secure when you are out and about. No need to worry about losing them or asking people to hold them for you anymore. You’ve got this.    

For Reading - A great phone reading tool. How many times has your phone fallen on your face while lying down and reading? Yes, far too many times; well, the ring holder will help you with this issue.
Place a finger in the ring, hold your phone with your hand and enjoy your read. This position will secure your phone in your hand, and when you dose off, instead of dropping the phone you will have it in your hand… yes it really works!

Using A Wireless Charger - When charging your phone on a wireless charger, you will need to remove the case from the phone before you place your phone on a charger.

Traveling - When traveling no need to go through your wallet, purse and pockets to locate the essentials to get you through security. Place your ID, credit card and boarding pass in the wallet and you will be ready to get to your destination quicker and hassle-free.

The spring hook was included in the design to allow you to hang it onto a convenient and preferred surface. You just open the hook and clip it on, it is that easy.

Customers’ Favorite Ways To Use


Caring for your children

Walking your dog

Concert & Events



Markets and fairs


Night life



Getting a pedi/mani



Hotel site tours

House showings

Hospital setting

Restaurant staff


Flight crews

Metro or Bus

Event planning

Networking events

One of the most popular practices is when people are using ride sharing services. In a recent report, Uber announced the number one item left in the vehicles are cell phones and many of the other ride companies have reported the same statistic. We even leave the phone in our personal car several times a week. When using your Phone Lanyard Wallet the chances of forgetting or losing your phone becomes less of a risk factor and saves you time.

Share your favorite way of using it with us!

*These are only recommended “How To” suggestions and we ask that you use the accessories as you prefer and at your own risk, CASUMS is not responsible or liable for any damages to your phone products when using the CASUMS accessories.

Accessories are not waterproof and should be kept away from water.