How to use

Your CASUMS' Accessories

The cases are designed to use individually, bundle them up or complement any of your favorite accessories.

Each of the single styles serves its purpose but we ask you to utilize the modular cases to their capacity by
adding your creativity, pizzazz, and fashion style to the way you wear them.


The light and easy-to-carry case is a wallet and much more. I will hold your cards, cash, coins, small or items you need. The small inner pocket can hold extra objects you may need such as meds, keys, AirTag, Tile, small lipstick or lip balm , hearing aids, vapes, mints, gum or any small necessities.  

Customers’ Favorite Ways of Using the Card Case Wallet  

Belt loop


Messenger bag  

Favorite strap

Purse ring 

Key Ring

Car knobs or hooks 

Share your favorite way of using it with us. 

*These are only recommended “How To” suggestions and we ask that you use the accessories as you prefer and at your own risk, CASUMS is not responsible or liable for any damages to your phone products when using the CASUMS accessories.

Accessories are not waterproof and should be kept away from water.